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How I see the world and my story

My Philosophy 3


Whenever I look around I see people lost into their cultural, national and religious. They identify them self as their cultural value, the collective. They don’t even know what their individual value is, they don’t know what makes them unique.

I have been always asked by people which religion I follow, which group I belong. This realises me that I have no value at all without being collective.

In my childhood, I become withdrawn from culture, society not because I hated them or I didn’t want to belong from any culture but It was me who didn’t found his space into this world. So I started living alone.

I want to create a world where the Individual pursuit of happiness, achievement and freedom are celebrated. Individual value is a top priority of the world and to society.

I want to promote freedom of Individuals (not right nor any privilege).

“Freedom of individual means Freedom of the world.”

I was born and grown up in a small village of Bihar, India. The Internet is the greatest tools I have come across in my life. It allows me to look for information independently and later it becomes the way of my business. Before the internet, I was depended on books and people older than me for information.

In 2015, I started reading self-help books. In January 2017 I read “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. It was impowring and originated my individualism belief. I started reading others books by Ayn Rand like Atlas Shrugged (novel), The Virtue of Selfishness, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, Philosophy: Who Needs It. Ayn Rand philosophy of objectivism and individualism has very influence on me. Later same year I took Rand as my last name. I didn’t have the last name. Well, my birth name is different which I never liked it for a long time. I started using Araix as my only first name in 2014.

I am a freethinker. I don’t identify my self as an atheist because it makes me think I am referring to my self that I belong from a group of people. That takes my individualism belief away. My way of looking at the world is unique and I identify my self-based on those unique value. I have passion in place of society (or higher value) and I live by individual value instead of collective value.

Well, Pluto said to be human We must belong from society in order to serve our higher purpose and without it, the human has no purpose.

But my philosophy is different from that. I am going to go deeper into this. Please keep reading.

When I left religion I started to face a challenge and that was moralities. Ones upon a time I have been asked by my friend that If you don’t have religion and any law then how do you know killing someone is bad? That question stick into my head and I started to think;

Where do moralities come from? Do we really need Religion to be moral? I didn’t have an answer when the question was asked but later I found my answer.

That is; We really don’t need Religion, God, Master or any law to be moral.

If killing is immoral then why not killing criminals or your enemy or people who don’t agree with you is immoral. Both killing is the same but In one condition it is immoral and in other condition, it is morally good work. Why?, That is because Religion doesn’t provide a moral guide but it is an instruction guide which will tell you whom to kill and whom not kill.

Modalities only come from personal experience other than that moralities is made up. It is based on the same old theory Good versus Evil. But the difference between good and evil is just point of view. Same with moral and immoral. Your immoral things could be moral for someone else.

Then Why we do things what we do? And What are the best way to decide what to do?

Introduction to My Philosophy

You may think doing good is enough to be good but it is not. Most of the things we do as a basis of it are good are decided by someone else. In another word, the question is; How do you know Good things are really good things to do?

As I already mention Good and Bad, Moral and Immoral or Right and Wrong is just a point of view. We as a human being don’t do things because it is good or bad but we do because of pleasure we get from things we do. And We get pleasure doing things in two form; one is the Short-term pleasure and another is Long term pleasure.

I call it Philosophy of Long and short-term Pleasure.

Short term pleasure is instant gratification, it is about now only, it can be achieved easily, it is based on win and lose games, it is addictive etc.
Long-term pleasure is not instant gratification (It takes time to achieve), it is about now while keeping your future in mind, it can’t be achieved easily (it required hard work), it is based on Win and win scenario, it is not addictive (you need to have self-awareness and self-love) etc.

I believe we as a human being can do great if we just follow our long terms pleasure. Short-term and long terms pleasure is a subjective experience. Things or activities itself is not short or long terms pleasure but it depends on individual not how we do things but Why we do things. In order to understand what is going to be your long or short term pleasure, you must have Your why in your mind.

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