Nihilism way of Life

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When I was a kind. My Mom told me that you must fear Allah.

When I asked her, why? She replied;

There are daemon inside every man body and mind If a man is not afraid of Allah. The daemon takes over their body and mind. Therefore to be moral and good you must fear Allah.

I was born in Muslim family. For a while, I lived by this moral philosophy but deep down inside of me I know that’s not true. In 2010, I got access to the Internet, before that I was living in a village. It was the most inspirational days of my life. I started searching for the answer to those question, nobody dares to ask.

I found Atheism in 2014, I thought I am now atheist. But, you know I was still had doubts with the way of my life. Later in 2017, I come across Nihilism and It is where I found my personal legend.

I am here to share my story with you, inspire you, help you become a better version of yourself and help you find your own personal legend.

What is Atheism

Atheism is not a belief system instead it is disbelief in any religious, spiritual and dogmatic belief.

What is Nihilism

Nihilism is a philosophical belief that the universe and everything in the universe including you and me doesn’t have objective meaning, purpose and moralities. In short – Life and the universe are meaningless. There is no God, absolute moral, and everything in the universe doesn’t have meaning.

We human being come to life as an accident or this is the way of life and universe is filled with life. As we know in order to start life you need a few elements like Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen which is abundant in the universe.

Misconception of Nihilism

People tend to believe that we need a purpose, meaning, moralities to be a human being without it we are dammed. But, The truth is all morality and belief system is made up. Moralities are a subjective experience, what moral to you can be immoral to other people. There is no absolute moral and immoral. It entirely depends on the person.

Nihilism is not suicidal thinking or hate of humanities.

  1. If there is objective moral to everything then we are prisoner of those objective moral. There is no objective morality that means: we have the freedom to give life meaning/purpose as we wish. Yes, we have free will.
  2. I don’t have premade moral code/compose, but I do have experience in my life and it is where my moralities come from.
  3. I don’t have religion, moral code but I do have myself. I live to please myself and I do the win-win exchange. As I believe in every area of life we are constantly engaged in exchange.
  4. I don’t identify myself as any collective. I see the world as individualistic. Freedom of individual is freedom of humanity and the world.

The case of Good vs Evil

Since the dawn of time religions, belief in spiritualities, and dogmatic practice has shaped human civilisation. Good vs evil kind of world view is rooted into the human unconscious mind. If you see things at a bigger picture you will find good and evil is just perspective. What good to you could be bad for others.

So, How could we live without moralities?

My goal from this blog is to help people live a better life. I propose the idea of a better life as per my own philosophy what I call “Philosophy of Long and Short term pleasure”. In short Philosophy of Long and Short term pleasure is about living life as a nihilist, without any religious, political and dogmatic belief.

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