Who Am I and My Story 1

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I was born in the Bihar state of India. I moved to Kolkata when I was 16 to complete higher secondary education. I got admission in English medium school accidentally. That time I was zero in English. I took this as a challenge, instead of going back to Bihar. Later in 2012, I got bored with school and decided to drop out.

I got my first job in a call center when I was 18. In 2014, two years later, I created my first website and started blogging. I didn’t have success with blogging, so I started freelancing on the freelance website and working directly with my client.

From January 2018; after 3 years of working as a freelancer. Over the year working as freelancer and side hustling, I have learned internet marketing, web design, social media, entrepreneurship etc. At this movement, I am blogging on my website araixuniversity.com about Internet marketing.

Apart from Internet marketing and blogging. I have spent a lot of time learning philosophy. My goal from this website is to help people to become a better version of their self. I will soon start writing articles on topics of individualism philosophy, freedom, self-development etc.

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